I’m amazed at the number of people I meet who, for whatever reason, still don’t have an adequate data protection strategy in place. These days, there’s simply no excuse for it; the cost of doing so far outweighs the cost of losing your data. I won’t regale you with all the stories of people who’ve lost their data and found themselves up a creek without a paddle. You already know them all.

But I would suggest that a good strategy for companies of any size would be to combine onsite and offsite storage. And when I say offsite, I’m talking about cloud-based…be it private, public or hybrid.

As a consultant, I back up my data constantly. I have an external hard drive that saves changed data every 15 minutes. And I use an online storage service, to back up that data in the cloud. While a good friend of mine is a director at the company, that’s not the reason I use it. I like KineticD because everything happens in the background; I can determine which data I want to ship offsite and how often I want it done. And if I lose or fat-finger a file (yes, it’s been known to happen), I can simply get it back, regardless of where I am. I can also use it as a virtual drive, from which I can access data at a moment’s notice. On my Mac at the office, I simply use Apple’s Time Machine; different interface, equally as easy to use and restore lost data.

Time Machine is built into Apple’s OS X; KineticD is a paid service. Both give me a supreme level of confidence that the data I need to do my work will be there when I need it, regardless of whatever goofs I fall into. If you’re not doing both online and offline backup, you need to do it now. As mentioned above, there are no excuses.